An innovative property management system

Cloud Tasking

Propre's Cloud Tasking takes out unclarity and ambiguity associated with traditional property management tasks by visualising and redefining what you need.
You can reduce wasteful expenses to manage your property by using our on-demand property management system to order tasks only when necessary.
You can even track the progress of your ordered tasks on-line.

No matter where are you in the world you can purchase points in advance to place orders online through our members only page.
From 'interior condition inspections/photos', 'airing out the room', 'room cleaning', to 'tenant searching',
you can order tasks suited to your property management needs.
Avoid unnecessary fees and complicated payment procedures by simply using pre-purchased points to place each task order.

Wherever you are in the world we will get you what you need when you need it.

Get started with just SGD60 (5,000 points).
Experience a brand-new style of property management more efficient and affordable at Propre.

Member registration at
Register your own properties at
Purchase points
Place an order of required task

You can purchase points in Singapore dollars. Major credit cards are accepted through PayPal.
After purchasing points, you will be able to create tasks on Cloud Tasking page.
For example, if you create a task to ask 'Room Cleaning' for points equivalent to SGD30,
such task will be immediately made available to associate candidates. An assigned associate will conduct and complete the task by the due date.
The contents and progresses of tasks are monitored by Propre for safety and security of our customers. We provide you with a full customer support system.